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San Floriano del Collio nestles among gently rolling hills covered with vineyards, cherry trees and acacia woods, near the Slovenian border. It is here that Mariano and his wife Loredana planted their first vineyard on a small plot of land in 1972.

Buoyed up by the owners' constant hard work and enormous enthusiasm, the estate has gradually expanded over the years to include a winery, warehouse and bottling plant. The estate now covers some 30 hectares in the Collio DOC and Friuli Isonzo zones, traditional areas of fine wines. Walter and Luana, the owners' children, each took up role in the business to help Mariano and his wife on the family-run wine estate.


The vineyards

The Collio vineyards are situated at an altitude between 150 and 250 metres above sea level on soil with an ideal substrate of stratified marl and sandstone that formed during the Eocene, known as ponca, with good structure and mineral content. Most of the estate’s production comes from these vineyards, where white grape varietals are grown. The Friuli Isonzo vineyards are located in the flat area next to Collio, known as Rive Alte, on the left bank of the River Isonzo. The soil has low limestone content and is composed of noble clays with red gravels of recent alluvial origin. Red and white grape varietals are cultivated in these vineyards. The winery’s production is based on several key factors: well-aspected vineyards, which enjoy the sun throughout the day; density of approximately 5.500–6.500 plants per hectare; low yields; meticulous attention to the health of the vines; and harvesting exclusively by hand. Wine is a product of the land, and good land makes good wine.


The cellar

In our cellar, modern practices are applied to a traditional wine-making technique. Our white wines are made exclusively in steel, including soft pressing of the grapes, short maceration according to the vintage and grape variety, temperature-controlled fermentation.

Red wines, too, are made traditionally and are then aged in wooden barrels for about 12 months. Continuous quality control, from pressing to bottling. “All this to bring out the best from our vineyards, with due respect for the fundamental characteristics which every bottle must have and for the fruit created from a partnership of people and their land”.







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Ascevi Luwa




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Azienda Agricola
Ascevi Luwa

di Pintar Marjan
34070 - San Floriano del Collio (GO)
Località Uclanzi, 24
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How to find us:
Take the A4 Venice-Trieste motorway and exit at Gorizia-Villesse. Take the Gradisca d’Isonzo exit and follow the signs for Gorizia. As soon as you reach Gorizia, head for Piedimonte and then San Floriano del Collio.

Ascevi Luwa